About the Chamber Music Society of Williamsburg

Our Mission

The Chamber Music Society  of Williamsburg was founded in 1987. The previous year, Richard Carr, then director of the arts center at The Williamsburg library, produced a season of concerts in conjunction with the Feldman Chamber Music Society in Norfork. Bill Bynum, a William and Mary professor and chamber music fan, offered to help with the publicity. With Carr’s encouragement, Bynum assembled a board of directors, incorporated the Society, and served as it’s first president. An early core of enthusiasts soon grew into a host of hard-core subscribers, leading to the sold-out seasons we currently enjoy.  The Society still partners with the Feldman  to present some of the most inspiring musicians on the concert circuit today.

Board Of Directors

Jim Coomer, President 
Edith Edwards, Vice President
Carl Hobbs, Treasurer
Kay Kane, Secretary
Judith Bowers
Robin Cantor-Cooke
Robert Crutchfield
Stephen Custer
Angelika Kuettner
Anne Luchsinger
Tom Mills
Maureen Orton
Dave Stanford
Fredrika Teute
Elaine Themo
Jim Turi
Patsy Wells